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Castor is one of the world’s top ten oil-seed crops and it is highly competitive in the agriculture environment. Castor cultivation is buoyed by a new wave of worldwide demand for castor oil and so it enjoys great economic potential. Castor oil can resist high combustion levels and has a low consolidation level. As a result of its unique characteristics, it can fulfill the requirements of the aviation industry.

According to the statistics, there are currently 3 million hectares of land that is planted with castor around the world, with 1.5 million tons of castor nuts harvested annually. Unfortunately, the existing demand for castor nuts is not being met. Consequently, castor cultivation and its downstream industries offer tremendous opportunities. Judging from the wide use of castor and its derivatives, the global demand for castor oil in 2011 will reach 80-100 tons, equivalent to 190 – 240 tons of castor nuts.

Castor plants play an important role in the agricultural economies because it enables them to earn substantial foreign exchange through export of castor beans and oils. The major castor importing markets are the European Union, the United States, Japan and now, China and Thailand. Castor oil has a worldwide demand that is rising 3 to 5 percent per annum. The world production of castor oil seeds is concentrated in a few countries. Consequently, there are only a few large exporters of castor oil fulfilling a significant portion of world demand.

Resource From: Lim’s Group

Demand in 2009 Castor Seeds Demand (tons) Castor Seed Production (tons) Imported Castor Oil (tons) Demand For 1st Grade Castor Oil (tons) Castor Oil Production (tons) Shortage Rate
China Mainland 400,000 400,000
50,000 – 60,000 100,000 30,000 30,000
Resource From: Chinese Agricultural Science Bulletin 2009 – Brief of The Future Industrialize of Castor in China Mainland

Castor seeds contain a high amount of oil--over 50 percent on a dry-weight basis—that is used in a variety of ways. Modem manufacturers have developed many productsby using castor oil and its derivatives, ranging from lipstick to jet-engine lubricants.

Resource From: Lim’s Group

Due to widely fluctuating world supplies and the structure of the world market, prices for castor oil vary considerably. The castor oil market has been on a vicious cycle of shortfall and surplus, depending on yields, weather, domestic consumption and economic conditions in the producing countries.

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Castor oil is a proven competitor in the industrial chemical markets. It is a critical raw material for the industrial chemical markets. It is practical, natural, renewable and very versatile. It has been a staple for the oleochemical markets for a very long time. Castor oil has been used to resolve numerous formulating and processing needs because of its unique fatty acid structure.
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