Palm Oil Plantation
Current Development
By successfully acquiring oil palm plantations, PGCG has achieved another important milestone in its corporate history. Guided by the expertise of our top management team and supported by the experience of our estate managers, we are surging into a vibrant future. We are currently focused on the continued development of the Pahang Project Area comprises approximately planted oil palm acreage of 563.66, 73 acres. It is located in Raub District, Bentong, Pahang. As such, it is on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. The Pahang Project Area has been harvested since 2011.

Future Development
In the short to medium term the company intends to increase its production capacity by developing the current 4,250 MU plantation estate area. In addition, the company has identified a number of potential acquisition opportunities which would increase the plantation area 200,000 MU.

Align with company’s transformation strategy, besides increase the production capacity, including FFB yield per acres. The company also plans to set up 2 oil mills.

The company is dedicated in developing further into the palm oil industry and foresees it will provide a profitable income stream for the company within next few years .
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