Concerning PGCG
PGCG Profile
Our company was incepted in 2004 and we have experienced substantial growth to transform into a multinational corporation with business interests across the region. Our rapid expansion has led us to be currently listed on the OTCBB with the trading symbol--“PGCG”.

Fuelled by the opportunities of globalization, our company has embraced a diversification strategy which has led us to invest in several countries. We are dynamically developing castor and palm oil plantations even as we are becoming a visionary player in the local property development industry. Our investments have a positive impact on the daily lives of many people and they generate substantial returns for our company.

The demand for oil is increasing even as its supply is decreasing. As such, green energy will certainly be the main alternative source of energy in next decade. To capitalize on the stable development of the green energy industry, we are establishing castor plantations in mainland China and the ASEAN countries. In addition, we are investing heavily in palm oil cultivation. Eventually, we hope to generate a perpetual income stream from the green energy industry.

In view of the global economic recovery, we have great confidence that the value of properties will appreciate around the world. Consequently, we are embarking on a diversification strategy that involves the acquisition of quality properties, especially in the United States and Malaysia. Our globalization and diversification plans are based on our stable foundation. We are certain that our dynamic endeavors which span Europe, Africa, the United States and Asia will take our organization to even greater heights of success.
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