Concerning PGCG
Vision and Mission
The company is devoted in realizing the company’s mission with our extensive operation experience, integrated with company’s resource and management system in ensuring the operated projects manage to deliver industry leading revenue to the company continuously.

No matter the company is involved in programming technology, plantation industry, properties market or green energy industry, the company is committed to constantly improve service quality for better user experience and operate genuine business for sustainable development.

The company takes an opportunity to be involved in the leverage industries and positively cultivate skilled professionals in assisting the company to expand its business and lead the company toward the road of success. The company does encourage employees give full play to their strengths and gaining equivalent opportunity for career advancement to all employees to expand their skill and experience.

Strengthening Scopes and Expanding Perpetually
In order to maintain the company’s competitiveness advantages, the company will expand the business modules and dedicated spreading company’s influence globally by selecting potent development project with wide market space and high economic growth prudently in creating more stable and flexible revenue stream for investors.

The company plan to setup a complete and consistent product and service value chain for company developed industry from programming, plantation industry to properties market, with purpose to maintain company’s sustainable development.

The company will focus in balancing the business investment combination, pacing in difference industries, investing simultaneously in developing and advance countries and developing there from new potential project to strengthening company’s scope At same time recruiting difference kind of specialists and industry leaders, implying balancing strategy to decrease company’s business risk.
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